While we advertise many of the smaller items in bulk we welcome enquiries for purchasing multiple dresses. Discounts will always be given on wholesale purchase of dresses which depending on volume can be as much as 50% of the advertised price. It is not unknown for us to be able to set up an entire bridal shop including shop fittings, back office items, range of dresses and accessories for £5,000-£15,000 - A fraction of what it would cost to purchase everything new. As well as a huge saving you would also get free advice in running a bridal shop from a family business that has over 35 years combined industry experience/contacts.


Most of the shoes are ex sample or ex model shoes (slightly worn). We can also supply brand new shoes in much larger numbers. Please contact us with your requirements for bulk purchases.


We have several job lots that are ex sample for sale on this site. If you are interested in buying new tiaras in volume then please contact us with your requirements and we can discuss item numbers and prices.


We are currently out of stock of Veils for wholesale however we can source new veils when purchased in volume (10 plus items) at discounted prices. Please contact us with your requirements.

Back Office

We dont advertise any items on this website as they are usually sold direct to other wholesalers due ot the cost of storage/shipping however if you have a specific requirement then please let us know and next time we purchase an entire shop we can contact you with a list of what we have available.

Shop Fittings

Shop Fittings

As with the back office items we generally sell the larger items direct to other wholesalers however if you have any specific requirements then please let us know and we can inform you when we have anything suitable available.